Mousehunt Hunting Parties

Organize a new mousehunt hunting party now and gain full advantages of mousehunt + sounding horns!

adapted from The Mousehunt Team, here’s an excerpt of the site:

Hunting Parties and MouseHunt Tournaments

12 May 2009

Hello MouseHunters,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the biggest new feature addition to MouseHunt since MouseHunt 2.0: MouseHunt Tournaments and Hunting Parties! If you are of Apprentice rank or higher, you will now be able to form unique groups of hunters to hunt competitively in a series of regularly scheduled tournaments!

How do you sign up and how does this all work you ask? You can read all about how to join or create a Hunting Party and play in a MouseHunt Tournament by going to the Organize Party link under the Friends tab or following this url:

We’re going to start with a few short daily tournaments so everyone can learn how things work and get their parties together. These tournaments will be available shortly

Occasionally, there will be prizes given out for MouseHunt Tournament winners. Also, there are two new boards that we’ve added to the forums: Tournament Talk and Meet and Greet. The Tournament Talk board can be used to discuss all things tournaments and the Meet and Greet can be used to recruit other hunters for your parties.

A few quick words about MouseHunt Tournaments…
Some tournaments will be free to join, others will have an entrance cost of cheese, gold or some combination of the two. Tournament Scoreboards for tournaments your current party has hunted in may be found by going to the Tournament Scoreboard link under the Lore tab and are updated hourly.<p> <p>Finally, a special thanks to all of the beta testers! You’ve been so unbelievably helpful in getting these features to where they are now.

We’re all very excited about this new addition and really hope everyone enjoys it and demonstrates good hunting etiquette!
Good luck everyone and PARTY HARD!
-The HitGrab Team

Jeremy Mandel

As we already might have known, we are able to organize Mousehunt parties to hunt together and to participate in various tournaments.

FAQs adapted from Mousehunt’s gamepage – just in case you haven’t seen them, here they are:
(alternatively, you can just click this link to proceed to the page)

What is a Hunting Party?

A Hunting Party is basically a group of one to four hunters. While in a Hunting Party, you can hunt in MouseHunt Tournaments. You must be at least an Apprentice Hunter to hunt in a party.

What is a MouseHunt Tournament?

MouseHunt Tournaments are mice-catching competitions. When in an active tournament, sounding the Party Horn will send you on party hunts. This means that only people in your Hunting Party will be brought along with you if they are ready to hunt, and vice versa, only those in your Hunting Party will bring you along for a hunt. An advantage to party hunts is that they happen independent of location. Each party member could be in a different environment and, as long as they are ready to hunt, they will be brought along on a hunt when the Party Horn is sounded. Random trap checks still occur when you are in an active tournament, but those catches will not increase your Party Points. As soon as the tournament is over, normal horn hunts resume as usual.

How can I find out about upcoming Tournaments?

Check the forums and/or the news ticker for updated information on upcoming tournaments.

How does my Party Horn work and what is that under my Heads-Up Display (HUD)?

While hunting in an active tournament, your horn will change to the Party Horn! When sounded, the Party Horn sends you and your party on party hunts. The tournament HUD extension which sits below the regular MouseHunt HUD shows vital information pertaining to your current Hunting Party. This includes Party Points, current Multiplier and number of party hunters on-line. When the tournament is over, the HUD extension will disappear and the horn will return to normal. Clicking on the shield in the HUD extension will take you to your party’s profile page.

How many Hunting Parties and MouseHunt Tournaments can I be in at once?

You can only be in one Hunting Party and therefore one MouseHunt Tournament at a time.

What are Party Points?

Party points are accumulated by catching mice on party hunts while in a tournament. Party Points for each caught mouse will vary based on which mice are valuable in that tournament.

What is the Multiplier?

The Multiplier is a cumulative bonus for successful catches. The points from each new tournament catch will be multiplied by your party’s Multiplier and added to your total Party Points for that tournament. Multiple successful party hunts will increase your party’s Multiplier, whereas misses will decrease your party’s Multiplier. Also, if your party goes an hour without sounding the horn, your Multiplier will be reset to 1. Finally, your party’s multiplier will not reset for three hours from the start of scheduled maintenance.

How does the Hunting Party invite system work?

As a captain, you can invite up to 3 friends to add to your Hunting Party. Any invitation can be cancelled on the Hunting Party page before they are accepted should you decided to change who you would like to invite. Only hunters who are not currently in an active Hunting Party are available for invitation. You can use the Hunters tab on the Hunting Party page to invite hunters or navigate to any hunter’s profile page where an invite button will be displayed if they are available for invitation.

How do I win a tournament?

At the moment, the party with the highest number of Party Points at the end of a tournament will be declared the winner. In the future, different types of tournaments with different objectives may be available.

What is my role in a Hunting Party?

There are two types of party hunters: the captain and the members. The captain (who is also a member), is the party’s administrative leader. As a captain, you assume the responsibility of inviting other hunters to join your party as well as selecting (and paying for) the tournament your party will hunt in. Party members do not have these administrative privileges but are absolutely vital to the party’s success in hunts and in accumulating Party Points.

Can I leave my Hunting Party?

Yes. You can leave your Hunting Party at any time. If you are the captain of a party, by leaving your party all other members will be removed from the party and you will forfeit your current position in any active tournament. If you are a captain and want to hunt with another party, you must leave your party (making you a free hunter) before you can accept any invitation to another party. Should you choose to rejoin a tournament and create a new party, you will have to pay the tournament costs again.

Why should I hunt in a Tournament?

For fun, to win, bragging rights… prizes! It’s a great way to show off your MouseHunting skills and strategies, and compete against other teams of hunters.

Will hunting in a Tournament affect my regular MouseHunt stats?

Your personal MouseHunt stats will increase as normal and any catches you make while in a tournament will show up on the mice pages as usual.


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